Store Wars

Are there blue light specials in Kmart heaven?
Is Martha's apron black-and-white?
Are bargain basements forever?
Or just a bad dream in the night?

Old Sam is rolling over in his grave,
While his kids fuss and fight. 
Seems millions and billions ain't enough,
To divide without spite. 

Sing it again, Sam. 

The Mom and Pops are all gone,
To greedy Sam's delight. 
They're greeting customers' for the Sam. 
Social security's way too tight. 

Refrain me again. 

Downtown is fading fast,
Roll up the streets at night. 
Gather at the circus by the freeway,
Fix your kids up right. 

One more time. 
So if you're looking for a,
Woolworth, Ben Franklin, five and dime. 
Remember that Sam sold his out,
Sold out double time. 

Let me hear it from ya. 

Now Dubya's on a rampage,
Dubya's makin' time. 
At the rate jobs going overseas,
A dollar’s worth a dime.

Just one more time.
Before it’s all gone.
Copyright 2004 © Ronald W. Hull



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