Stiff Necked, Too (Adult)

Woke up with a stiff, necked this morning.
Wake up with a stiff, necked most mornings.
Go to bed with a stiff, necked too.
In fact, I've got a stiff, necked all day through.

Driving can be fun if stiff necked you go,
feel the cool breeze on your hidey ho.
Stopping at intersections can be tricky,
drivers looking down on chastity key.

She says that I am stiff, when necked,
because I’m thinking of other things.
I'm just pinching memories so hard,
stiff among her wondrous blings.

They say that I am skinned, not necked,
not circumcised by rabbi’s priest.
Since when has a rabbi come to part,
a stiff, necked from his piece?

When she comes I will get it up,
Lift off and tweak the joystick, too.
Fly through the air like Superman,
just to do a different do.

If the stiff necked get off their religion,
and let sexual freedom come true,
I'd get it up and make a mooner,
Before the day is through.

Don't have to walk on water,
or fly through the air with ease.
Just tweak my joystick gently.
And feel the morning breeze.

My stiff necked not caused by a pill,
or its wagging by a spouse.
It's caused by thoughts of wonder,
When all clothes leaves the house.

So I'll just grin and raise it,
until that big prude turns and runs.
She comes back to amuse it,
and my stiff necked day comes.
No need for the pill


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Copyright 2006 © Ronald W. Hull