Stiff Necked

Woke with a stiff neck this morning.
Wake with a stiff neck most days.
Go to bed with a stiff neck too.
In fact, got a stiff neck all day through.

Driving when you can't look side to side,
just ease out and hope you don't collide.
Watch the mirrors with religious zeal.
Keep from harm with slow-moving feel.

She says that I am stiff-necked,
because I don't buy her things.
I'm just pinching pennies too hard,
And stiff arming diamond rings.

They say that I am stiff necked,
not open to be saved by Jesus Christ.
Since when does a dead man come,
to save a stiff neck from its vice?

When he comes I will get up and walk,
and traipse on water too.
I'll fly through the air like Superman,
just to get a different view.

If the stiff necks get off their religion,
and let stem cell research go through.
I'd get up and walk much sooner,
than any dead man could do.

Don't have to walk on water,
or fly through the air with ease.
I'll just buy an airplane,
and a pair of water skis.

Stiff neck's not caused by attitude,
or the nagging of a spouse.
It's caused by stressful movement,
Just plain overuse of the mouse.

So I'll just grin and bear it,
until that great day comes.
I get my fingers back in use,
and my stiff neck turns and runs.

A little fun with a neck X-ray

X-Ray Courtesy the
University of Pennsylvania


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