is for success.
S is for stress.
S is for syndrome.

Climb the ladder of success.
Much is expected and much is learned.
Much depends upon our genes.
Much depends how the worm has turned.

Appearances mean a lot.
And how the game is fought.
Stress comes with the territory,
and doesn't count for naught.

Never let them see you sweat,
the truism ringed with hell.
Leadership demands it,
before the final bell.

And so you learn to hold it in,
appear as cold as stone.
While adrenaline pumps your heart,
known by you alone.

The more you succeed,
the more you need,
to do it all again.

The syndrome of success is strong,
Draws you in again and again.
24/7 is your song.
You stay high on its run.

Spend your time in leisurely pursuits,
that are always more than fun.
Lots of time in the sunshine,
but rarely feel the sun.

If you are lucky you'll be rich,
beyond your wildest dreams.
But if you can’t change your ways,
your house of cards and schemes.

You are doomed to walk the line,
between hatred and respect.
It is how you take to hatred,
that you can not neglect.

For that old addiction,
that brought you to the top,
that fight or flee affliction,
the one that never stopped.

Will eat away at your insides,
your mind, your soul, your heart.
Time for a wake-up call,
Time for a new start.

All the success in the world,
isn't worth a thing.
If you check out before your time,
before your bell can ring.

Ken Lay fading from view

Kenneth Lay, Ph.D.
Former CEO, Enron,
Deceased 7/5/06


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Denice Denton fades from view.

Denice Denton, Ph.D.
Former Chancellor, UC-Santa Cruz
Deceased  6/26/06