Spring in the Country

It was a beautiful spring day in the country,
like so many others we've seen before.
But it's not often we leave the city,
so it's special and has its own secret lore.

We rose late and left even later,
the fog and clouds held the sun at bay.
But the wind blew onshore briskly,
making for a windy but warm sunny day.

The rush hour traffic was gone,
but the traffic never really ever lets up,
it took an hour to leave the city,
until road side slopes turned buttercup.

We turned north at old Chapel Hill,
with its quaintness and rustic charm,
the yellow field of the year before was gone,
but buzzards still lingered on road's arm.

The bluebonnets kept eluding us,
lost in verdant growing green.
With occasional Indian paintbrush,
and ubiquitous primrose often seen.

We turned the corner on 105,
and beheld a beautiful blue serene,
a lovely landscape of bluebonnets
magical moments, childhood dreams,
are made from such a scene.

The cows were so contented,
the horses frisky and free.
The pony's winter coat was shedding,
and love filled every bird and bee.

Washington on the Brazos,
a bit of early Texas history,
was waiting nearly 200 years,
for us to come and see.

Over the hill and around the bend,
the blue appeared again magically.
Mixed with Indian paintbrush and primrose,
the high point of the day was free.

Tempted to stop for Blue Bell ice cream,
but listeria was not on our diet.
We stopped at Nathan's for sausage,
so good, you'll have to try it.

Returned home feeling contented,
seeing blue but not feeling that way,
I wrote this little poem about,
describing a country spring day.

Bluebonnts annd Primrose by Beh

Bluebonnets and primroses © Hoai (Beh) Nguyen

It's getting to be an annual ritual to drive up to
Washington County and view the bluebonnets and
other wildflowers. Please click this link  for
a brief video
of some of the high points of the day.

Washington on the Brazos is the site of the first
government of the newly formed independent
Country of Texas that later became the State of Texas.

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