Spending Spree

In the home of the brave in the land of the free,
there's nothing better than a spending spree.

If you want to show the one you love,
buy her a diamond, not a turtle dove.

The economy is fired by conspicuous consumption.
Who among us to question such a fine gumption?

Spend it on war, disasters and gasoline,
Spend it on graft and corruption unseen.

Spend it all on yourself before you die.
Saving it for others is for the other guy.

Get your toys now while you may.
Play them like there is no rainy day.

So while you're playing with your newfound joy,
in China and India they are toiling away.

And when you grow tired of wanton fun,
and want to retire in the warmth of the sun.

Your retirement’s been spent on waste and war,
So, each morning you dress for the Wal-Mart store.

And greet the folks who come to spree,
on Indian and Chinese goods so they can be.

Just like you.
Man wildly spending

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