The sparrows are amusing,
as they squabble over food.
Fast food not fit for birds,
but it sure suits their mood.

It's hard to pick seeds one by one,
from grass or from a bush.
Much easier from a scrap of bread,
to give a quick sugar rush.

Sparrows sure are a gregarious lot,
but supposed to mate for life.
Hard to tell when they flock together,
who is husband or who is wife.

They are so free to wander,
and wander far and wide.
Spend much energy in wandering,
that cannot be denied.

Sparrows are a predators' favorite,
for they are small and weak.
Still, they can overpopulate,
eat every seed of grain they seek.

Sparrows were banned from China,
for eating all the food.
Truth is they all were eaten,
by the starving up to no good.

For when it comes down to the end,
and there is nothing left to eat.
He who gets the last crumb,
will live for another heart beat.

And when all the sparrows are gone,
and no longer sing their song.
Will the silence of the meadows,
echo eons on and on?

Tree Sparrows

Image from Dublin Birding

I got this idea watching
the sparrows gobble up
the rice noodles and water
placed out for them every
day outside my window.


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