Space Monkeys (Satire)

Space monkeys have invaded,
the inner nuclear nanofear,
and while we can't see them,
we know that they're here.

Some people have channeled them,
from their comic cosmic stratosphere.
Others from dimensions so close,
yet so near their front is their rear.

On flat earth principles they declare,
we have so much to unknow and fear.
"They" are out to get us,
can't you feel "them" and hear?

"They" come from the future,
the past or next year.
"They" must be destroyed,
let's have another round of beer.

TV tells us there are 12 of them.
Launching a virus to do us in.
We've got fine candidates to lead,
ours will carpet bomb theirs,
make them so bloody bleed.

Will put up a wall high and strong,
that even time jumpers can't surpass,
cuz they just can't get along.

Got all the solutions,
footballing our brains.
Space monkeys are winning,
by rearranging our genes.

So if you see space monkeys,
and are bursting at the seams,
count me out, home buddy,
not in your wildest dreams.

Sea Monkeys from Inner Space

Sea Monkeys Courtesy Wikipedia

The human brain/mind has evolved to
be very creative/innovative. It also can
be very delusional. Throughout history,
delusional minds have caused untold
misery, pain and death. The question is,
when are we going to grow up and leave
our delusions behind?

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