Sounds of the Seasons

Spring is upon us, can't you hear,
the trickle of melting snow,
birds chirping so clear?

Buds bursting forth in a chorus of color.
Bees buzzing busily in the warm sun.
Children laughing in the distance in fun.
A muddy reminder that winter is done.

Crying sounds of new life from den and nest,
caring for families is put to the test.
Soon they will be venturing out in the sun,
a sure sign that summer has now begun.

Crackle of thunder from a late afternoon storm,
the smell of mowed hay drying in the sun.
Crickets and katydids rule in the warm,
pouring rain pitter patters the roof on the run.

Cool wind sighs as it wends through the pines.
Rustles the leaves that fall all around.
A respite from the wind is a calm warm day,
cascading colors so loud without sound.

Snow comes silently with big flakes like down,
little ones scurry to their dens underground.
Sharp crack of guns firing in the forest resound,
harvesting the wealth of autumn found.

Loud crack of exploding wood in the forest,
overcomes the silence of a bitter cold night.
Until the wrath of winter wind howls in,
leaving a wind whipped landscaped sight.

So we listen in the anticipation of each new year,
to hear the sounds of the seasons loud and clear.

A dog enjoys spring

Image Courtesy Silent Wonderland

Sound of Spring

Beh asked me to write a poem about
the sound of time. When I asked her
what she meant by time, she told me
that the world sounded different at
different times of the year.

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