I stopped for the night,
for a little respite,
on my journey to nowhere.

I knocked on your door,
and you opened it wide,
right then and there.

You had nothing to fear,
for many a year,
there but for fortune,
you were I.

We sat down to enjoy,
a bountiful table.
For that year you were able,
to mightily employ.

The best that there was,
to fulfill the cause,
you were destined,
to generously deploy.

The temperature dropped,
and the stars came out,
but snug by the fire,
we talked.

I asked you why,
you let me in,
when so many others,
had balked.

"The night is full,
of men like you.
But you were different,
from the rest."

"Your eyes were as bright,
as the evening starlight,
and so you passed the test."

"A humble man of means,
or so it seems, for your mind,
is among the very best."

We chatted until sleep,
overcame our eyes.
I awoke in a soft bed,
and not my demise.

For I was saved from nowhere,
by a roll of the dice.
By a stranger in waiting,
both kind and nice.

Open Door

Compassion is in the eye of the beholder.


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