Soar with Eagles


Why joust with windmills,

When you can soar with eagles?

Set your sights high,

Reach for the sky!


Why just get by,

When you can fly?

Why would you live,

Only to die?


There is a higher purpose,

For which to live.

Why take more,

Than you give? 


It is so easy to stay in the womb,

Or at your mother's teat.

But life has more in its room,

Than to coast through it.


And fall into that deadly routine,

That gets you in the end.

Dueling windmills in your mind,

Until you break and bend.


Into the nothing you've become.

For all the battles you have won,

That were, but nothing in the end.

What a message to send.


To all who come again before,

And all who once again once more,

Their contribution but the dust,

A wasted life, a little lust.


But no passion to stir the thought.

No hard won tribute to quell the beast.

No flour to feed the yeast;

A life for naught. 


We all have windmills in our way.

Take the high road and save the day.

We didn't come here just to play.

We came here to stay. 


Spread your wings ....


Copyright 2000 © Ronald W. Hull




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