Soar o're the starlet sea.
Soar o're the momentous mountaintop.
Soar through the night and come to me.
See the world before your stop.

Come to the coveted comely cove.
Come to the rainbow's random reds.
Come to me wherever you rove.
Comb the world to its sea beds.

Run to the river's raging rapids.
Run to the reach of rolling range.
Run to me through countless cupids.
Run to the canopy of strange.

Sail the salty, stormy seas.
Sail the calm of sunlit strait.
Sail to me in balmy breezes.
Sail before your luck is late.

Drive to the defying death divide.
Drive straight through to the other side.
Drive to me on that old back road.
Drive to me before I get old.

Walk a wild and winding way.
Walk the night into a new day.   
Walk to me through thick and thin.
Walk your heart out until you win.

And soar again...

Soaring Eagle

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