Snow Leopard

High in her Himalayan home,
she surveys the span of her roam.
Perpetual snow and rocky ridge,
she knows her range,
she knows her edge.

She hides in a computer,
and is rarely seen.
Her stealth is incredible,
her logic is keen.

From her ledge she perceives
prey far below.
Its brown coat,
standing out in the snow.

More than a leopard,
or even a tiger,
she's faster and stronger,
than those far below her.

Stealthily she stalks,
while the snow falls.
Her prey is apprehensive,
perched on vertical walls.

She languidly rests,
relaxing inside her lair.
You know she’s in there,
she's so sleek and so fair.

Her attack is swift,
but agonizingly long.
After many misses and slips,
her prey is brought down.

She gives birth to apps,
as though they were kittens.
Everyone embraces them,
so soft, they are smitten.

It's a long, hard climb up,
but she is incredibly strong.
She slips and staggers,
but carries on.

She twitters and tweets,
textes for tips and treats.
Multimedia is her playground,
surfs with the ether elites.

To her kittens so fair,
in the rarefied air.
Warm and waiting,
for their supper.

So she lies in wait,
for the next update,
to replace her, in a line
that is certainly her fate.

Her kittens must learn,
soon, before it is too late.
How to survive for themselves,
so highly endangered is their fate..

Snow Leopard  

Snow Leopard 10.6.3

Image Courtesy Apple


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