Where there's smoke, there's fire," they used to say.

They didn't know it was two thousand miles away.

Borne on a hot wind, high and low.

It wandered northward, ever so slow.


It started with, smoky, lazy, hazy, crazy days.

But El Nino's effects work in many ways.

Locked in high pressure's grip.

The smoke made its long, wayward trip.


Now it's putting a hot lid on life.

The ground is dried up and cracking.

Conditions unleashing hordes of insect life.

Soon, even the ground itself, borne on the hot wind, will blow away.


The air will turn from smoke to grit.

You won't be able to summon enough water to spit.

Does this foretell Armageddon, for those who believe it?

Or just the way the Earth turns?


Copyright 1998 © Ronald W. Hull




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