Small Miracles


Small miracles happen; they happen every day. 

Sometimes they go unnoticed; sometimes they get in the way. 


It is easy to overlook them because they are so small,

But if we didn't have them, we may not have at all. 


For it's the little things that matter in the scheme of time,

Little miracles every day that keep us in our prime. 


Whether it's timed or coincidence, it makes no matter which,

What's important is that it happens like someone threw a switch. 


And what had seemed so important suddenly was moot. 

A little miracle saved the day and made our day to boot. 


It's the big ones that we think about; like when our life was saved. 

But it's the little ones, every day, that save us from an early grave. 


So count your blessings and be glad for the little that you have,

Little miracles, one by one, to cover like a salve. 


To heal the wounds life daily supplies,

And wipe the tears from our eyes. 


And begin to live again the great design.

These little miracles divine and entwine.


Into the mosaic called life.


Copyright © Ronald W. Hull




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