Ingenuity is always at work,
to find a better way.
Complex tasks can be simplified,
father time to slay.

We rely on power to do the trick,
to ease our shoulder strain.
Build complex structures,
to even work in rain.

Edison invented a wondrous tool,
the electric light.
Just so any fool,
can work both day and night.

There is a cost for all this power,
hidden out of sight.
Has us eating the earth alive,
by bigger, and bigger, bite.

We have become so removed,
from the simple life.
All the convenience and ingenuity,
lead to strain and strife.

By losing touch with all that matters,
as we forge on to newer life.
we can't go back to our roots,
when the edge comes like a knife.

And we fall into ruin,
without the skills to survive.
With no good food or water,
only a simple few remain alive.

…to start over.

Simplicity by Jim Muth

Simplicity Fractal © Jim Muth


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