There are no mountain peaks,
only turned up ocean beds,
pushed up into the sky,
when the ocean leaks.

Into the molten core,
making volcanoes roar,
and magma soar,
to new found heights.

Only to implode,
and release its load,
of pent-up gas,
and rocky ash.

While life clings on,
to sing its song,
and the tides roll in,
so it goes, on and on.

There are no black holes,
we cannot see,
only gravity so great,
light cannot flee.

How would we conquer,
gravity so great?
We can't even fathom,
we can't even relate.

How many universes,
are side-by-side?
Are we dreaming a universe,
we can't abide?

Pixel by pixel the image is formed,
a monster or angel is transformed,
into something the artist desires,
and our hearts yearn for,
with the playing of lyres.

Four dimension images magically appear,
our greatest aspirations,
our greatest fear.

When we have reached the mountaintop,
there's still much more to see,
the universe is our oyster,
the universe is free.

Use it.

Bear Grylls summits Everest

Bear Grylls summits Everest

Photo Courtesy the Discovery Channel

There are no limits to imagination...

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