Silence of the Lambs

"Blessed are the meek."
The attitude to be.
Has held us in its grip,
throughout history.

It is a primal feeling,
firmly based in fear.
For who would step up,
to be slashed from ear-to-ear?

The tool of tyrants many,
held firmly in their grip.
Of bullshit lies and larceny,
enforced by the whip.

The sheeple are many,
and flock to the few.
Locked in the matrix,
without a clue.

It only takes some thinking,
to see through the lies.
But most go on shirking,
bound by family ties.

Fodder for the matrix.
Bodies in, bodies out.
Greed fulfilling destiny,
faith, before any doubt.

And so the planet suffers,
from its sheeple's success.
Overpowering everything,
and leaving just a mess.

So rise up like lions,
take bullshit no more.
Create a better world,
before it's gone,

like yore...




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