Old Sigmund attributed it to sex,
and for most sex is a hex,
you're damned if you do,
and damned if you don't.
I'd like to get into it,
but I won't… no I won’t.

There are those that like to play little games,
mess with our heads with praises and blames.

It's wise to avoid those that psychologize,
for to manipulate is their only prize.
They are all charlatans in sharper eyes.

And if you are crazy don't let it show,
crazy contributes nothing to know,
crazy takes up way too much time,
crazy will cost you your last dime.

And if you are genius don't let it show either,
genius is heinous in common folks' minds,
genius changes the way that we live,
common folks fear change's take and give.

So all you sickies, and you know who you are,
don't blame me when you raise your bar,
I won't follow the path that you want me to take,
your silly psychologizing leaves a wide wake.

And so I leave this ridiculous rant,
hopefully saner saying I can, not I can't.

It's a wonderful science dancing in your head,
it's a yawn for me, so I'm going to bed,
and won't think about it when I’m  dead.

It’s not my ego, it’s your id.

Phrenology was practiced in the 18th Century

Phrenology was practiced in the 18th Century. 
Today’s understanding not much better.

Too many sickos out there manipulating minds…

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