I think it's time we all shut down,
jump on the bandwagon before it's too late.

Not get out of bed in the morning,
do what we like -- it's so great!

And cry when we want to make a point,
the sympathy vote we'll never berate.

Have our way with green eggs and ham,
fill the airwaves with our spam, I am.

I am the ego and you are the lamb,
must do what I say, or the door I'll slam.

In the face of your intelligence,
as though you were dumb.

Like Nero at the Circus,
I'll turn down my thumb.

Or suck on it in my own selfish way,
I get the cheesey while you get the whey.

So let's all shut down to get our own say,
we've got plenty and can waste at bay.

Peons in the poor house can work for a change,
while we wallow in luxury and rearrange.

The world to our liking without lifting a hand,
magic of our politics has made us so grand.

The free market is the only way to live,
take all you can, much more than you give.

Let's all shut down and get rich the right way,
it'll trickle down to ya, just shut down and see.

And if you believe all this baloney,
you're a much bigger fool than me.

Let's all shut down and do what we want

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The over-the-hill crybabies are having
a tantrum at everyone’s expense. Time
to pop their ballooned buffoon expectations

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