She's So Sweet


She's so sweet, good enough to eat.

When I see her on the street, she lights up and says, "Hi."


She's the apple of my eye, kinda shy.

Still, she makes me fly with the sound of her sigh.


She's my comfort zone, where I'm at home.

Two are never alone; greeting with a great big hug.


Making this lug snug as a bug in her rug.

Sheltered from the storm, soft, safe and warm.


She's candy apple chocolate pie; my oh my.

Such a tasty treat, every time we meet.


In the peak of her season, she needs no reason,

To take in the likes of my pine.


She's my grape full sun sweet on the vine.

She's so very fine, but will she be mine?


Copyright 2000 © Ronald W. Hull



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