She's No Bother (A Song)

She's no bother, she's my lover, she's my friend.

She's a sleeper, she's a stunner, she's god sent.
She's a looker, she's a leader, she's money lent.

She's a fighter, a make things all righter, a mend.
She's a winner, she's a wonder, she's a wend.


She's a worker, a tear jerker, she's well penned.
She's alive for, what she dies for, until the end.

She's a joker, a mind blowing toker, when she sings.
She's a saint, she's a savior when her voice takes wings.


She's my banker, she's my anchor, she's my tend.
She's a straight shooter, a backseat rooter, will not bend.

She's much franker, then my rancor, so-called friends.
She will hold me, unfold me, fly with me to the end.


She's my friend...

Flying Angel

Image by McCracken
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