She's My World

Throughout the day,
and all through the night.
She is forever,
she's my light.

She is my honey.
She is my sweet.
She is sour,
when I'm not neat.

I am her book,
and she is my cover.
With her nose in a nook,
she is my lover.

She is my sunshine.
She is my flower.
I wait for her return,
whatever the hour.

I am her mountain,
she has to climb.
When she gets to the top,
she knows, she's mine.

She is my world.
She is my wonder.
She is my lightning,
and I am her thunder.

We'll weather,
this world together
Whether it be whole,
or split asunder.

For she is my world,
and for that I wonder.

Beh on Valentine's Day

Beh, Valentine's Day


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