She's an Angel


She's an angel,

She's true blue.

Though her features are of different hue.


She has no wings, no wand, no eerie halo for her head.

She's warm, live, living flesh and blood;

No perfect apparition from the dead.



She heals me with her loving hands;

And touches me through and through.

I can feel her radiance deeply,

As she comes into view.


Her smile is as wide as her eyes.

Filled with sweet innocence.

Her voice is an overflowing cup,

That warms and fills me up.


Lifting me to a higher plane.

Above my daily toil.

Floating in her ambiance,

Like some sweet, fragrant oil.


If you are troubled and feeling low;

And don't know what to do

Just be patient, and hang on.


Your time will come.

And your angel will come for you.


Copyright 1998 © Ronald W. Hull




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