She Had (Mariah Carey's Thighs)


She had,
Sia black/white hair,
Betty Davis eyes,
Beyonce booty, and
Mariah Carey thighs.

Capable of anything,
a woman of plus size,
she had the gall, going,
with it, to totally ostracize.

There were two in the oven,
and three on outside ties,
she had what it took,
to populate and publicize.


Preaching to the choir,
far more than being wise,
she had an Oprah, way,
to amazingly popularize.

Powerful in the pulpit,
twisting men with lies,
Madonna moment catapulting,
Queen of many guise.

Not to mention going Gaga.
So I won't. Cuz she had,


 Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey at New Year's Eve 2017 ©

Thought I do a little parody on the classic,
"Betty Davis Eyes." Will I get sued?

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