She Fills Me Up


There is a hollow feeling,

I simply can't abide.

It slips into my consciousness,

Way down, deep inside.


Alone, I'm strong and defiant,

Independence suits me to a tee.

But there is something missing,

I'm as empty as can be.


Being strong and courageous,

Is no easy feat.

Depression creeps in on all sides,

And steals into your meat. 


With her there is no sadness,

No agonizing doubt.

When love is unconditional,

Life is complete, filled out.


Her touch is like magic,

Descending from above.

It fills me from tip to toe,

With warm, fulfilling love.


No matter how harsh the wind,

Or angry the world around us.

She fuels my inner strength,

With overflowing kindness.


Before, I was half a man;

A dream unfulfilled.

With her at my side I'm a champion,

And my emptiness is filled .


Copyright 1998 © Ronald W. Hull



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