Sheeple Parade

Rump-a-ta, Rump-a-ta walk the line,
see all the sheeple doing double time.

See all the sheeple in a neat row,
1984, here we come ... here we go!

Rump-a-ta, Rump-a-ta, here we go,
space cadets in uniform, don't you know.

We all have our axes that we sharply grind,
Rump-a-ta, Rump-a-ta, in our due time.

Faces in Facebook, all favorites in tow,
fads are sheeple fancy, at least for now.

Marching down to Walmart discounts,
got a get a little piece of my me, so.

Use phone time to text a line, everybody's fine.
Rump-a-ta, Rump-a-ta, it's Amazon time.

Get your special offers, discounts, get in line,
join the parade of sheeple people, double time.

Starbucks, big bucks, big box, Nike whine,
Rump-a-ta, Rump-a-ta, spend that last dime.

There's plenty of credit card where that came from,
with fees, hidden charges, to hook you on the line.

Rump-a-ta, Rump-a-ta, start buying on time.
See all the sheeple wind twisting on the line.

See all the sheeple building by the sea,
keeping up with the Jones, is where they'll be.

Along came a hurricane swept them away,
along came a tsunami took them into next day.

Calling all sheeple to get in line to trump the cause,
Rump-a-ta, Rump-a-ta, online without a pause.

Rump-a-ta, Rump-a-ta, follow the voice,
a dictator singsong is the sheeple choice.

Rump-a-ta, Rump-a-ta, consumption R us,
we came to consume and will go without fuss.

The Sheeple's Choice (c) David Dees

Sheeple's Choice © David Dees

It seems that most people want to be led by authority
rather than making wise choices. I guess it's part of
the natural "herd" instinct that creates mobs and has
people running off doing stupid things following stupid
prophets of good fortune or doom without a snowball's
chance in hell of it ever happening.

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