She Comes Softly


She comes softly through my gate. 

She comes 'though the hour is late.

She steals gently in my mind,

And seeks my love to find.


No matter if it's foul or fair.

She comes softly like the Sun.

That filters through dusty air.

I just dream and she is there.


She comes softly to my kitchen.

Bearing fruits of exotic description,

Scented with the finest spice,

With her love, she feeds me twice.


In the night, she soothes my pain,

When she comes, softly with the rain.

Her sweet song warms my dreams.

Like her kind hands smooth the seams.

Like tears at night that sting my sight.

She comes and cries and cares.


A shudder of thought is washed from the spot.

When she turns, smiles, and shares.

In my dreams, when it seems,

That life is slipping away.

She comes softly with her song,

And brings a better day.


Late one night, if you listen with all your might,

You too, can hear the sound.

Of her, stealing softly all around.

Into your sight with peace and light,

Like the angel she is.


Copyright 1994 © Ronald W. Hull



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