Shadow of Disaster

Though I live in the shadow of disaster, I fear not.
For I have lived so all my days.
For you and me, life still turns its ways.

Storm, accident, disease, anger, fate.
Get busy living before it's too late.

I am a survivor, like billions I'm told,
From a long line of my ancestors,
Who reproduced before becoming old.

The line is so long, I can't trace it back.
It's amazing to think of trying to keep track.

So many short-lived in history's fate,
never reproduced before it was too late.

I for one, will not pass on my genes.
The fate of the world is not mine it seems.

It is the struggle of the whole human race,
from under the shadow of disaster,
to go forth and find a place.

In the eternal light of the sun.

An angry, yet benign, sun

Image Courtesy Doctor Groove Band


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