Seven Souls

Seven souls soared today. 
Shining streaks that made their way,
Across the blue sky morning day. 

Cremated in the cold of space,
Paid the price of progress’ pace. 
A testimony to the human race. 

Like baby birds who leave the nest,
We are put to the test. 
Will we fly with the rest?

Encased in armor against the beast,
Technology is the yeast. 
That bakes the bread of feast. 

When we die making the try,
The famine of misfortune makes us cry. 
On our machines we do or die. 

But they are now gone--ashes, dust.
That they lived, we only trust
Into history they are thrust.

Part of the great score.
Building on the legacy,
Of those that went before.

Cast upon the wind
Spread against the sky.
Seven souls soared today.
Seven souls did fly.

Formatio of contrails from seven astronauts

Copyright 2002 © Ronald W. Hull



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