Seize the Day

I seized the day and squeezed it,
for all that it was worth:
the dawn, the sky, the earth.

I ate breakfast with gusto,
eager to get to work.
There was much to do,
and little time to shirk.

Words unfolded like petals,
in ever-changing hue.
I artistically arranged them,
until their tone was true.

By lunchtime I was famished,
my reservoir was drained.
I looked outside for solace,
to my surprise, it rained.

A sadness overcame me,
as if to match the scene.
I set to work immediately,
on an ancient dream.

I saw the rainbow brightly,
as the sun came into view.
I looked up from my work,
it made me think of you.

Soon the sun was waning,
and the shadows ever grew.
I wrote of sonnets silently,
in this life, I only wrote a few.

The sunset was spectacular,
its dusky paintbrush drew,
shadows on my garden wall,
until darkly silence subdued.

Dinner had refueled me,
with thoughts of better view.
I scratched them down briskly,
and polished them brand-new.

I laid my head down to sleep,
and dreamed of better days,
I dreamed of a new tomorrow,
to seize it where it lays.

I did not seize it where it lies,
because that would be "untrue."
And can't you see by these words,
that I am jesting you?

Seize the Day Cartoon

Cartoon from

During my recovery, I’ve been
a bit lax about getting to work.
Thought I’d “Seize the Day.”
Well… maybe tomorrow. ;-)


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