Have You Seen Ur-Anus?

Have you seen Ur-Anus?
I certainly haven't seen mine,
except perhaps by mirrors,
and I haven't got the inclination,
or the time.

But I have seen Uranus,
thanks to a friend of mine,
through his 16 inch telescope,
a view that's quite sublime.

Before Galileo, Uranus was unknown,
a deep dark secret place,
even on the throne.

But thanks to the telescope,
we know Ur-Anus exists.
I saw it the other night,
when you bent over to kiss.

High-powered cameras exist everywhere,
so guard Ur-Anus well,
you never know when on YouTube,
it will be part of show and tell.

Well, maybe a moon or two.

Uranus in a Blood Moon

Uranus is the brightest object to
the lower left, photographed
© Douglas W. Boucher during the
recent eclipse of the Blood Moon
with his 16 inch telescope.

For a full-size view, click the
photo above to see this amazing
shot, full size, also showing five
of Uranus’s moons, nearby.

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