I See the Light

Deep in the night,
I see the light,
careening off the moon,
to my delight.

I see the light,
between black and white,
in wondrous shades,
of gray.

I see the bright,
at dawn's early light,
and take delight,
in the coming day.

I see the might,
in the power of light,
to drive the blues,

I see the sight,
of the colors of light,
sliced from the white,
by refraction.

I see the site,
of the word's early might,
and it blows my mind,

Ideas so bright,
blinded by the sight,
of brilliance,
in its own right.

Brilliant light,
Put down on paper,
for all the World to see.

Sun bursts through the aspens

I couldn’t see the forest for the trees…
and then I saw the light.

Photo © Kipp Schoen

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