Seeds of Thought

Spawned in the meadows of the mind,
the seeds of thought are entwined.

With memories clearly defined,
and some now only dimly outlined.

The seeds of a great idea or two,
a song, a poem, an essay, will do.

Or maybe an invention, a discovery so great,
that only the best seeds of thought can relate.

The seeds of jealousy, anger and hate,
should be banished forever at the mind's gate.

For what good are thoughts if they only despise?
What good are thoughts leading to our demise?

We must not plant those seeds in anyone's eyes,
if we want to grow into something called, wise.

And we must banish all thoughts of misery and pain,
for these seeds do us no good and are a disdain.

So be a Johnny Appleseed of good thought,
spread your ideas widely where they will be caught.

And don't stop spreading because you are old,
it's then when you are at your wisest, I am told.

I hope that I've spread a seed of thought or two,
with this little poem I've written for you.

One small pink seed produces 30--20

Image © Hoai (Beh) Nguyen

A little poem from a thought that popped into my head.

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