Spring forward into the blue,
spring forward in everything you do.
Spring forward for me and you.
With spring in your step,
you'll never be blue.

Summer storms in with sizzling sun,
summer storms electrify just for fun,
summer storms come in and run,
with all that summer sun,
much growing to be done.

Fall back on the summer's glory,
fall back into falling leaves story,
fall back to mornings frosty hoary,
with the harvest neatly put away,
enjoy a ride in a literary lorry.

Winter winds blow from the fore,
winter winds chill to the core,
winter winds with snow galore,
sit by the fire and tell stories,
of spring and of long ago lore.

4 Seasons by White Spirit  Wolf

4 Seasons © WhiteSpiritWolf

Seasons, the spice of life. 
Thought I'd write a poem about
springtime and it turned into all year

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