Scout's Honor

Modeled after an Indian scout,
what Boy Scouts was all about.

Doing good deeds and helping others,
having fun with your Scout brothers.

Summer camp in beautiful places,
activities galore with lots of races.

Learning woodsman skills and crafts,
survival and fitness lessons that last.

A sense of community and fellowship for all,
gather around the campfire at night's call.

Singing songs and telling stories in firelight,
sleeping under starlit warm summer night.

Wilderness trips deep into the wild,
experiencing nature like an Indian child.

Traveling waters like the voyagers of old,
learning to adapt to the rain, heat and cold.

Earning the highest honor coming-of-age,
the Order of the Arrow that turns a new page.

Life lessons learned as a Boy Scout,
continue through life both within and without.

Eagle Scout Ceremony for Ronald W. Hull

Newspaper Clipping from the Marshfield News-Herald

Looking through memorabilia I found this newspaper
clipping of my twin brother and I receiving our
Eagle Scout awards. It brought back fond memories.

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