Scary Situation

Yesterday, my voice file crashed.
So, what's the big deal? You ask.
I was using my voice because,
my shoulder was not up to that task.

You see, I click with one finger.
So do I, you cry, no big deal.
Not with a handsplint you don't,
with that deaf, dumb, and blind kid feel.

You click with one and type with ten.
I click with my shoulder and type with one.
So I'm slow with responding,
and it never is fun.

You get carpal tunnel syndrome,
and have it repaired.
I get a sore shoulder and stiff neck,
and it gets me scared.

Because I can't turn my head,
from left to the right.
Can't see that car coming,
that gives me a fright.

A thousand clicks a day,
may be too much.
But my life's work depends upon it,
so I must do that touch.

I use my voice,
to ease the pain.
But using a voice file,
can be a strain.

I lost two hours of editing,
when that file crashed.
I must save more often
before my hopes are dashed.

That voice file was gone,
and not coming back.
Reviving it was fruitless,
I cursed the skill I lack.

On this new day,
I went to the website.
A procedure was there,
to my delight.

I manually retrieved,
an old backup voice file.
And I'm writing this poem,
with a great big smile.

My smile only falters,
with this pain in my neck.
But we all have those pains,
so what the heck.

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