Saving Face

Saving face is no disgrace,
just ask a politician.

With a nom de plume,
in an obscure chat room,
put on a face of no recognition.

Save your new face,
by putting it in a safe place,
just below any cognition.

When you don't have an ace,
to put them in their place,
your only saving grace,
is a silly anonymous face?

But then, it could just be a condition.

Some save their face,
by Botox and foundation base,
the lines to erase,
the sun's evil trace.

Showing tracks of a life,
lived with much exposure.

Not to worry, a surgeon will,
give you a monied makeover.

So you can put on a new face,
and not face the disgrace,
that age brings to your persona.

You can turn the other cheek,
get cheeky with a young geek,
and hitchhike off to Arizona.

So, put a smile on that face,
that deep frown, erase,
your character is firmly,
already in the right place.

Unless you're paranoid.

Guy Fawkes Mask (c) Edans

Guy Fawkes Mask © Edans

People go to great lengths to disguise their
real persona when it comes to publishing,
interaction with others, and especially, on
the Internet. Some are afraid of going to jail
and others are just plain, paranoid.

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