We live in a savage land,
where life and death,
are close at hand.

We trust our elders,
who have lived so long.
We trust our elders,
through word and song.

We must go out,
many a day.
To hunt for food,
and kill our prey.

If the hunt is successful,
we sacrifice to the gods.
For they grant us life,
against all the odds.

The women must gather,
much food from the forest,
for the winter comes quickly,
and the hard times upon us.

When it is so cold,
we can't leave the fire.
And the wolves circle us,
to eat from our pyre.

Many die from the magic of birth,
we celebrate each life for its great worth.
Tattoos protect us from evil spirits,
but evil still circles our narrowing girth.

At night we huddle around the fire,
we sing for good fortune from nature's ire.
We huddle in fear when the storm marches in,
the wrath of the gods upon us once again.

We long for the springtime and carefree days,
when we were young and full of life.
But those days are few if we are to live,
this savage land with so much strife.

Oh gods, protect us from the great bear.
Protect us from the wolves come into our lair.
Protect us from the wild boar and horn of the stag.
Protect us from the evil man we smell in the air.

Protect us, oh gods, for we fear,
in this savage land we hold so dear.

Early Man huddles around a fire.

 From archaeological studies it appears
that early man was a hunter and gatherer
for perhaps, several hundred thousand years
before reaching the state of agriculture
and villages, the onset of civilization.
Before that, it was all about survival
in the most primitive of ways, in small groups,
families or tribes, some still with us today

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