Sargasso Sea


Come with me to the Sargasso Sea,

Where the sun shines all day long.


Come with me in my dinghy,

And listen to the calm.


As the seaweed drifts to and fro,

To the music of the waves.


And you and I rock and roll,

To the timeless rhythm that saves.


Watch the otters roll and prey,

Making fishes really fly.


See sea turtles surface in the spray,

Their leather backs reflecting the sky.


And the dolphins come to play,

To our delight as we lie.


On our bed of seaweed,

Like Neptune and his queen.


And savor the placid moonlit night.

The likes we’ve never seen.


Then comes the storm, to our alarm,

And we waken from our dream.

Copyright 2001 © Ronald W. Hull



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