Hush, hush, such a rush ... sloowww down. 

What's the worry; what's the hurry; who's leaving town? 

Fill your life with busy, busy, keep your head down. 

Don'tcha bother to look up, just keep wearin' that frown.


On your face, and race, like there is no time. 

Left in your life, to stop and smell the roses. 

Taking on everything life poses, following your noses, 

Like cattle to the slaughter, just doing what we oughter. 

Forgetting that it's mostly wasting time, so sublime. 

That keeps us from what's important and counts.  

So if you care a bit, if you care an ounce. 

Then stop your hurried rush and pounce. 

On a quiet corner of your street, stop, and listen, 

To the beat, ...  of life. 

Copyright 2001 © Ronald W. Hull



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