RUA Turkey?

Are you a turkey?
Running fast and flying free,
iridescent colors blending,
with dead grasses and the tree.

Or are you dressed in white,
in a cathedral of a barn.
All bland and conforming,
while I spin this yarn.

Descending from the dinosaurs,
are you smart, fast, and quick.
Hunting wild seeds and berries,
mother nature's pick.

Or are you incubated,
from that same old yellow chick.
The gift of grain and other stuff,
science is so slick.

When the storm comes,
do you shelter in the brush?
Can you outwit your enemies,
and save your tail with thrust.

Or do you flock together,
in an effort to escape.
Only to crush and smother,
as you go to your fate.

When you do get to the table,
a pellet in your last heart beat.
Is your body rich and savory,
a lean and wonderful treat.

Or are you just the same old,
white flesh all butter injected.
tenderized with chemicals,
stretch plastic protected.

Praise the Lord for leftovers.
Everyone raise  your cup.
Which turkey are you?
For, today, we sup.


My friend John's
Thanksgiving Dinner


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