Road to Fruition

It's a long road to intuition,
that many have traveled far.
Lacking any ignition,
and not even any car.

Keep your sights on the horizon,
as it fades into the mirage.
At the rate that you're getting there,
might as well not left the garage.

Many mysteries await,
just around the bend.
Except the bend keeps bending,
as though it will never end.

It's on the road to derision,
that we tend to get off track.
Like sailing our boat into a fog,
because we didn't know how to tack.

And tact is not the answer,
as we travel down this road.
To be brutally honest,
and brazenly bold.

While racing for the sunset,
the sunset never ends.
The speed of light is bending,
with the message that it sends.

For we're headed for dissolution,
when we set our sights too high.
We have no fear of flying,
but we cannot touch the sky.

The road is rough and rambling,
like a multitasking mind,
to make it straight and narrow,
takes thinking of a different kind.

So when you reach fruition,
all wrapped up in love entwined,
the road will come down softly,
at the bottom of a slight incline.

Can't see the forest for the trees...

The Forest for the Trees

If you think you've figured
this poetic nonsense out,
you're a better poem analyst than
I on an enigmatic ride to nowhere

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