There were two

Ride the Road

We all travel down that lonely path,
towards the future and from the past.

Taken that road to Rome,
and that long journey home.

Traveled across the scarred land,
been to places never planned.

Arrived in neighborhoods that we feared,
saw the faces of people that leered.

Yet, we venture near and far,
eventually to some, distant star.

We cannot resist riding the road,
even when it exacts a heavy load.

So, if I meet you on the trail,
be sure to smile and we'll prevail.

The road's adventure and it's fame,
not taking it,
is what's to blame.

Road to Infinity (c) indecent-lighting at

Jack-in-the-Box © Indecent-Lighting at

There are many roads in life.
Which ones do you travel?

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