Rich Thoughts

My mind is a Wonderland,
of ever richer thoughts.
Filled with memories,
and unfulfilled plots.

I never run out of crazy ideas,
to fill my heart's fiery desire.
And hope to inspire others,
to prod, without evoking ire.

I love to live in golden silence,
when no one else's around.
It's my only form of meditation,
where my thoughts richly abound.

To paint vivid word pictures,
or mess with a word's sound.
It's like making a discovery,
of a jewel I have just found.

Last week I smelled new asphalt,
in our huge back parking lot.
It reminded me of the movie line,
from Apocalypse Now's plot.

"I love the smell of napalm in the morning."
The ruthless Lt. Col. Kilgore shot. So do I,
"Love the smell of fresh ass felt in the morning.
Especially when it's hot."

"That sounds like every man."
Sydney wryly pointed out.
If every woman had her insight,
she would no longer doubt.

Relationships would blend like honey,
and novel ideas wouldn't run out.
Like bees protecting all our money,
we wouldn't scream and shout.

And the fuel that fires our love,
never wood run out.

Rich Thoughts - Leonid Afremov

Rich Thoughts - Leonid Afremov


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