Revolving Door

Through the luck of the draw,
we are not all born the same.
We have different starting points,
when it comes to the game.

Beauty and linage,
counts the most.
Luck trumps hard work,
when joining the host.

Born in a ghetto,
wrong color of skin.
Father is absent,
schools are a sin.

Civil service leads,
to patronage for the King,
rise through the system,
to reach the brass ring.

Join a gang for protection,
wear their symbols well,
try to keep clean,
in a place dirty as hell.

As a favor from your father,
land an influential job,
where you can rub elbows,
with the elite... hobnob.   

Get caught in a misdemeanor,
with some of your pals.
Get sent off to be reformed,
by a new set of survivor rules.

Influence begets money,
and money begets power.
Caught up in the process,
greed begins to flower.

No education and experience,
and a record to boot.
A desperate young man,
didn't mean to shoot.

Kingpins play favor,
to the government stooge,
once in their pocket,
they cannot lose.

With time served faithfully,
and a pledge to go straight,
the seasoned, self educated man,
walks freely out the prison gate.

Like father, like son,
the inheritance passes down.
The son has done nothing,
to earn such a crown.

With nowhere to live,
and no job to be found.
Six months of freedom,
comes crashing down.

Finally the pinnacle,
of success is reached,
to be named, the CEO,
the road to riches breached.

Closed off from society,
by fear and distrust,
the only thing left,
is to do what he must.

Success is rewarded,
by a Cabinet post,
sucking tit the hardest,
has led to the most.

Caught in a caper,
as sure as can be,
a hardened criminal,
they threw away the key.

Both have gone through the revolving door,
some to high places, some to the poor.

What can we learn from the revolving door?

I don't know. You're the ones keeping score.

In, Out... In, Out

In, Out... In, Out

Society is often rigged to
keep the poor, poor, and the
rich, rich.  "There but for
good fortune go you or I."

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