Reptilian Brain

I fondle my reptilian brain,
while listening to a metallic refrain.

I gather round my little chicks,
while watching some good porno flicks.

But don't you touch them, hear?
I'll rip your guts from dick to ear!

I took my 'roids my freshman year,
and now my anger hovers near.

It's only my maker that I fear,
I wear his symbols, here, here, and here.

I even wear one on my left ear.
But don't you dare call me a queer.

I'll cut your balls off just for spite,
to show you just who has manly might.

Took my Viagra the other night,
and balled until the early light.

Prostitutes are nice,
give you no shit at half the price.

Can even snuff them if I need,
scum like that no one will heed.

Cults are my seduction, self-destruction,
I travel in packs for more protection.

I'm patriotic and wear the flag,
but don't you dare, call me a fag!

I eat from hunger and not from greed.
And even more when I'm on speed.

When I’ve passed through this life of pain,
and hear that heavenly refrain,

I can finally kiss your asses goodbye.

The Reptilian Complex


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