Resurrection Reversed

I died.
They buried me.

Bugs crawled over my casket,
looking for a way to test it.

Eventually slugs eroded a way in,
water followed without a fin.

The air in my casket was stale,
smelling faintly of ale, my last drink.

A perfect incubator for bacteria,
a cafeteria of human waste.

The little devils flew into hysteria.
Once they got a taste.

My body turned to yeast,
Bloating never ceased.

Foul gas was released,
that could not break out.

Eventually, it blew the top,
of my casket off, raising a bump.

Eons flew by like the leaves in the wind,
they came, found the bump, and looked in.

Suddenly, I saw a bright light.
Hadn't seen something like that,
for a long, dark night.

They were so ugly I had to laugh.
I laughed so hard I burst my heart.

I died.
They buried me.

That's me, coming back

There I Am!


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