Everything old is new again,

Yet retains its familiar charm.

The seasons teach us a lesson,

To keep the old from harm.


Just as the withered seed,

Sheltered from the cold.

Returns with new growth.

Produces new from old.


An old thing kept well,

Refurbished or restored.

Retains a charm and beauty,

That can't be ignored. 


Body parts can be rejuvenated,

Replaced, or restored.

Giving new life to wisdom,

And old age reexplored.


An old idea can be dusted off,

Revisited, reformulated, or revised.

Giving it new power and life,

In the user's eyes. 


It is not a nostalgia trip,

To stroll down memory lane.

It's more like a rebirth,

Of a fond refrain.


Copyright 1998 © Ronald W. Hull



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