Relish the nights,
Relish the days. 
Relish heaped on hotdogs,
In the good old ways. 

It's nothing but pickles,
Chopped to a sauce. 
But lounging on a hot dog,
It’s the coup de gras. 

Relish the good times,
Relish the days. 
When life was much younger,
In sweet, simple ways. 

A ballpark, picnic, or county fair,
Relish the smells that filled the air.
When friends dropped in,
As you gathered your kin.

Relish the day,
Relish the night. 
Relish your loved ones,
Hold them tight. 

For if you do not relish them,
And pack them just right,
They may spoil on you. 
And disappear from sight.

Like the relish on a well-eaten dog.


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Copyright 2003 © Ronald W. Hull